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Tips on Getting Started with your BuzzBuzz Hosting Account

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How to do to common things with your hosting account

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Help for any issues that you have related to mail.

Most Popular Articles

 Which applications can Fantastico De Luxe install for me?

These are the scripts you can install by a few clicks of a button with Fantastico at the...

 What happens if someone violates your TOS?

If you or one of your clients or customers violates the TOS (Terms of Service), we will suspend...

 How do I create an Addon Domain?

Overview An Addon Domain is similar to a subdomain and created in much the same way. An Addon...

 What datacenter do you use?

530 West 6th StreetLos Angeles, CA houses all its equipment at the premium...

 What channels of support do you offer?

You can contact by ticket support. It's easy to use. Just login to your client...

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